2019,  Living on a kettle station

#4 Eating a cow ball

Like we do with our cats and dogs, the cows need to be clipped as well. This is a quick process which happens within seconds (if you have the right guy to do so). 

One day, I heard a rumur -what didn’t turned out te be one- that you could eat the balls of the cow. 

People who are working on the fields do this sometimes, apparently. As a lunch or in between breaks.. a lot of protein 😉 

P.S Not raw.. they would grill the ball fist.  

With my curious face, I had to know if this was true. And It was..

The next morning, I got a chance -before smoko- to go to the guys and asked if they would prepare a ball for me, so I could try it. 

I asked every one from the kitchen staff to do it with me, but nobody wanted to. Of course they wanted to watch me do it though. 

So we went for a little drive too one of the areas where they were working. 

I didn’t had to ask it twice. I even got to choose my own ball, haha.
I picked a small one. Beginners style eh. 

Before I knew it, my ball was already cut and burning in the fire a.k.a the grill. This fire was already burning because, of the brandmarking on the cows they were doing also.

The preparation of my ball

It took a couple of minutes.. Too long for my opinion. I was impatient and I just wanted to get it over with actually. 

It is a freedom and prison in one.. the will and urge to always wanted to try everything.

My curioucity goes a long way, and this is an example. When other people do it, I want to try it also. 

With ten people around and all the eyes on me, I put that ball in my mouth. Still al little hot from the fire I started to chew. 

And surprisingly.. it tasted chicken-ish.. from the barbaque. I think because of the smoke black (soot).

I ate less smoko that day.. It’s more the idea of eating a cow ball then the actual taste when I think back at it. 

If I would do it again?

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