2019,  Living on a kettle station

#2 The cooks’ bible

Throughout the day (even the week), the food is always quit the same. 

There were a couple of recipes -combined in a map- where we could choose from what we wanted to make. For dinner, sweets and desserts. 

Call it the cooks’ bible

Eating breakfast was for everyone on there own. 

Some people didn’t ate breakfast at all and others just had a coffee. 

I always ate a bowl of cereal before preparing smoko. I am just hungry when I wake up. A girls has got to eat. 

And otherwise, I will eat all the pancakes; made and ate by myself.

Funny story:
Before I started at the station, nobody but the boss, ate breakfast. 
When I left the station, I had three girls eating every morning with me at the table. I was so proud. 

“Breakfast is the most important meal of the day” 
And I say this to everyone. I will even try to pursue you if you don’t eat in the morning. Seriously.

Underneath, a preview in the cooking bible of Strathmore Station. 


  • Eggs with;
  • Bacon/sausages or left over meat from the night before with;
  • Beans in tomato sauce with;
  • Leftover from the night before (potato mixes vegetables, covered with melted cheese) with;
  • Pancakes or; pizza or; pikelets or; fritta’s (pancakes with vegetables kind of)


  • Cornbeef or;
  • Sausages or;
  • Roastbeef

Sweets: Cakes / cookies 

  • Peanut butter cookies 
  • Chocolate muffins 
  • Condensed milk biscuits 
  • Apple crumble 
  • Caramel cake


  • Roast beef with veggies, baked potatoes and pumpkin or;
  • Beef Stroganoff with broccoli and selfmade garlic bread or;
  • Crumbed steak with mashed potatoes, baked pumpkin and carrots with broccoli or;

Yes, the crumbed steak from scratch.. You cut the meat in slices and smash them thin. After that, cover it with flour, eggs and bread crumbs

  • Potato bake in cheese sauce with broccoli and steak or;
  • Corn beef with white sauce, cooked potatoes, baked pumpkin, broccoli and corn or;
  • Shepards pie or;
  • Spagetti bolognaise with grated cheese and self made garlic bread or;
  • Goulash with rice and mashed potato or;
  • Macaroni cheese or;
  • Braised steak with garlic bread and mashed potato or;


  • Caramel slice or;
  • Chocolate rough slice or;
  • Lemon sour cream cake or;
  • Chocolate cake or;
  • Chocolate slef-saucing pudding or;

Favorites to prepare AND eat

  • Stuffed zuchini served with chicken from the oven and bakes potatoes and pimpkin
  • Selfmade garlic bread
  • Butterscotch pudding
  • Brownies

This is almost everything I have made -more then once- in my three months at Stratmore.

Two rules:

1. The cookie jar always has to be filled (so I was baking cookies almost every day) and;
2. Always a dessert after dinner

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