About me

The place of isolation is the place of revelation


The condition of being alone

The word isolation comes from the Latin word; insula, which means island

Isolation from family and friends may contribute to anxiety, what is a reaction to unhappiness. Which gives the word isolation a negative effect.

Isolation gives you no distractions from your daily life. No phone calls, no messages, no meetings or coffee breaks to miss. No schedules and no social activities to participate to. Because a part of us is so used to this kind of distractions, we are terrified of our own thoughts. Cause after all these activities, you have only yourself to think about.

It is in this process that our deepest fears, losts and desires are coming to the surface. To our minds.
Here you have the time to put your actions and reactions in consideration which can be confronting.

This is, in my believes, where that anxiety kicks in. That anxiety comes from our own mind. Our own emotions.. Ourselves.

An act of revealing or communicating divine truth

The truth lies in yourself. A real cliche but true. To reveal this truth to yourself the mind need time to process and see this. You have to WANT to see it.

“Seeds must penetrate darkness before
it can ascend towards the light”

There is no light without darkness, no white without black. No ups without downs and no high without deep.

From my own experience I can say that going through the darkest times in your life the brighter you will shine after. In those dark days you see no longer yourself in the mirror and the thoughts which are coming through your mind are not yours either.

Who are you?

In these days you are finding yourself. Even better then before. Why?

Because you know you can handle that darkness and you were able to leave it behind.
The world shines brighter and the smiles are real again.

It just takes time. But climbing a mountain to see the view from the top takes time and effort too. And it is so worth it.

“When a flower doesn’t bloom
you fix the environment in which it grows, not the flower”

It is al about vibes.

Fuck nationality and fuck religion. Fuck countries, borders and language. Those parts of us shouldn’t let us stay in a place.

We all belong on this earth and I am curious where I would find my vibe to settle down.